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All India Oriental Bank Officers' Association had its origin way back in 1970 much before AIBOA came into existence. It was the foresight of the then leaders of our bank that they thought of officers' community, their job security and protection from undue harassment of the Management in the times to come.

To name few leaders of AIOBOA Com. S. K. Soni, Com. S. K. Lamba, Com. S. P. Bakshi who were not only instrumental in progress and development of the bank but also were stalwarts in the Association. The unique thing about our leaders is that with their presence harmonious relation, co-ordination and co-operation between officers and workmen has been consistently on the increase. Even as of now the unity, understanding and mutual co-operation is remarkable. Our founders were the pathfinders, on which present leadership has been functioning, making numerous strides in bank's development as well as benefiting our officers' community through series of achievements after achievements.

It is worth mentioning here that as per the decision of AIBEA & AIBOA the Central Committee of AIOBEF passed a resolution to discontinue the dual membership of officers, accordingly from January 1993 onwards the dual membership was discontinued. The One Man Commission headed by Com. Shyamal Benerjee also gave its decision on the same line and further stated that relationship between AIOBEF and AIOBOA should be strengthened and leadership of both the Organisations should work shoulder to shoulder. The report also reads that their mutual approach should be of fraternity and not of authority. With this development it was decided to have State Committees under the constitution of AIOBOA. Thereafter the task of formation of State Committees was completed.

After completion of above task, AIOBOA had its 8th Conference on 10.12.1995 at New Delhi and full-fledged body was constituted after thorough groundwork with the mission to have, a vibrant, active and effectively functional body, to carry forward numerous Trade Union activities. Subsequently State Committees were revamped in the pattern of AIOBOA constitution. As a result of which, all the State Bodies started functioning with 100% participation and started observing all the programmes of AIOBOA in their respective states as per the direction from Central Office.

The year 2000 was full of struggle with the onslaught of new Management trying to adopt suppression and discrimination policy. It was suitably fought forthwith carrying forward the joint struggle of AIOBOA and AIOBEF against the Management. As a result the workmen officers' unity was further strengthened. Again in the year 2002 Officer Association single handedly fought against the autocratic rule of the Management and compelled the Management to fulfill all 17 demands that were placed before the Management. It was a great achievement and reflected 100% participation of State Committees and also their militancy.

Once again in the year 2003 we were compelled to fight against the Management's autocratic and highhanded rule, due to which demoralization, discrimination, unwarranted charge sheets on the innocent officers was falling heavy causing irreparable damage to the growth of the Bank and career of the employees. Ultimately our Joint Action Committee could succeed in pursuing the Management to agree with our issues/demands, which were subsequently implemented. The leadership in their relentless struggle, amidst all ups and downs, kept the flag of the Association held high. Despite all struggles, demonstrations, strikes, the State Committees continued their activities in the field of sports cultural activities, publishing of magazines, blood donation camps, and Committee Meetings and passing information through circulars on regular and continuous basis.

The prime objective of our leadership has been bank's development in one hand and on the other job & job security of officers' community in the bank. AIOBOA has presently grown to such a stature that our leaders have marked their presence with remarkable contribution in the activities of AIBOA. The leaders of other banks look at our Association with respect and regard. Our Association has the credit of 100% membership of AIBOA, which makes our Association stand apart from all other individual Banks' Associations.

Our task ahead is to further strengthen our unity through the present setup of State Committees and make them vibrant and active, so that bank's development finds further lift and officers community of our bank work in a fearless atmosphere with job and job security. Publishing of 3rd edition of the Diary to make our members aware about service rules and to strengthen/perfect their stand is yet another attempt of the Association to have awakened members all over.

Presently we have 14 State Committees and under Trade Union discipline timely conferences are being conducted, the grievances of the comrades are duly met through the State Committees and wherever Central help, interference is required being provided time to time. To carry forward the torch of AIOBOA, more and more new leaders are included who have the temperament to serve the comrades with their dedication, creative genesis and sacrificing attitude.

Under the philosophy of workers' participation in the Management, AIOBOA to its credit has been representing in the Board of the Bank as per system. The Association leaders who have so far represented in the Board are Com. S. P. Bakshi, Com. U. K. Mukherjee, Com. D. K. Pauddar, Com. Vinod Sharma and Com. Kamal Bhushan being the present representative director.

We look forward to still more powerful Association with still more social, cultural, academic, developmental and Trade Union activities in the coming days. Let's all rededicate ourselves to strengthen AIOBOA and develop sound and cemented relation with AIOBEF so that our struggle for development of the institution and betterment of employees gains momentum on sound footing and also enable us to face the future challenges lurking ahead.

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